31 July 2011

Making a Run for It

The past few days have been quite good for me, and I'm starting to feel increasingly positive about my current course of treatment, and life in general.

On Friday, I managed to make that bit of a runner I mentioned in my last post to the Asda down the road. I tried to be strategic about my journey which meant walking the 1/2 mile there, and once I acquired my shopping, take the bus back. This turned out to be a better idea than I initially thought because I had not realised how weak my leg muscles had gotten until I tried to run across the road to catch the bus back. As I was trying to run, my legs just seemed to stop working and I nearly fell over in the street. Luckily, I managed to quickly regain my balance and still made it to the bus stop in time. Now I'm determined to focus on taking walks everyday to regain some basic level of strength in my legs, and perhaps try some squats and lunges next week once my legs start feeling a bit stronger. Ultimately, I want to ensure I'm in top form before the surgery.

The shopping trip itself was quite successful, even though I'm certain every chav (white trash in American English) in Kingston was there. I picked up a box of Coco Pops, some fixings for peanut butter and jelly (jam) sandwiches and Skittles. Since I've been eating a bit again, I wanted to have a few options other than mashed potatoes and gravy available, so I figured PB&J always went down well in the past when I had flares, so why not try that now? And I have to say, those sandwiches have been quite tasty.

I've also been trying a few more foods from the food trolley here in hospital. Friday I had the macaroni cheese which was not only tasty, but seemed to settle quite well. Last night I had the pasta bolognese, but because I'm still a bit weary of eating meat, I really only ate the pasta. At least I still got some flavour from the sauce. Today I am going to try a bit of chicken at lunch. Hopefully it will settle well OK. It's been ages since I've had chicken, and because I'm not really eating meat, my food options are quite limited when it comes to the food trolley!

Other than making runners and fighting through crowds of chavs, I've been keeping myself busy with my current knitting project, which is a little more than two-thirds of the way complete, and a bit of reading. I recently finished a book called The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga which is about an Indian fellow who is writing a letter to the prime minister of China, telling him about his rise from a nobody in a small Northern Indian village to a successful entrepreneur in Bangalore in the south. What makes the book interesting is that the path he took to get there isn't what one might expect. The book is quite strange at first, but that's what really drew me in and made me want to download the full version.

I'm not quite sure what I'm going to read next, but I have plenty of samples on my Kindle to get me started, and I still have about 100 more rows left on my cowl before it's complete.

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  1. Hi Carrie!
    I'm glad you are finaaly starting to feel better. I can't imagine bing in a hospital for 6 weeks! I am so impressed with you positive attitude. My thoughts and prayers are with you. When I saw this post I though I would offer a few Phyiscal Therapy exercises I do with patients in the hospital to help you get stronger now that you are feeling better. Since you like "pole" dancing a few steps you could do is while standing and holding on to the pole for support (or the back of a chair)go up on your tiptoes 10-20 times then rock back on to your heels 10-20 times. After that then keeping your knee straight kick one leg forward 10-20 then swith to the other leg. Then you can switch back to the other lag and kick it out to the side like your making a sno angel switched leg then try kicking backwards keeping the knee straight 10-20 times each leg. Then 10-20 squats remembering to not let you knees go past your toes. Also walking as much as you can helps inprove your stamina and over all strength.
    Good luck and I hope each day is better than the last.