01 August 2011

Me at 40 Kilos

I've made some progress on the weight-gaining front over the past few weeks, and thought I would celebrate my return to 40kg with a photo. Actually, I'm a bit over at 40.55kg, which brings my net gain to .55kg since I was first admitted to hospital, and total gain to about 4kg (my lowest was 36.5kg a few weeks ago).

I'm still looking rather thin, but I am starting to fill out a bit. I'm hoping in the next week or two that the jeans I'm wearing in the photo will actually fit. At this point, I can't really walk more than a few feet before they start sliding down. Too bad the jeans-around-the-ankles look isn't in fashion.

The IV I'm hooked up to in the photo isn't actually my TPN, but the last dose of antibiotics used to treat the infection in my Hickman line. As you can see, the beauty of my line is that it is fairly unobtrusive, and isn't too noticeable under my clothing (unless, of course, I'm actually hooked up to an IV at the time).

I survived eating the piece of roast chicken breast at lunch yesterday. I did feel a bit uncomfortable in the evening, but I think it is more a matter of my digestive system getting used to an increased volume of food. It's a bit of a struggle to eat much after you've not eaten normally for more than three months! The important thing is that everything seemed to settle fine in the end, and I really enjoyed that piece of chicken.

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  1. I am happy to hear about the weight gain Carrie. Keep it up and you will be back to filling in those jeans in no time!! Sending thoughts and Prayers from the Bay Area!