17 August 2012

An Anniversary

Today marks one year since I had the strictureplasties for my Crohn's, and I am happy to say that I am [still] doing brilliantly.

No pain, no niggles, no uncontrollable symptoms. Business is as usual as it can be for me (if you have Crohn's, your version of "normal" is completely different from that of a healthy person).

It's actually difficult for me to remember all the pain and suffering I went through last year when I was ill. And even though I was in hospital for nearly three months last summer, I barely remember any of it. It's amazing how the mind tends to forget the difficulties in life so we can move on and focus on the good things.

Since I've been feeling well, it's been my mission to make the most of the good days (or at least try!). I restarted running in November--and again in June after a break from April through May--and have tried my best to eat healthfully. I planned a wedding in three months, got hitched in April and then travelled to Australia (absolutely amazing place, by the way) for the honeymoon. In a sense, I feel like this year's life theme has been "go big, or go home," and I love it.

For those of us with Crohn's, this is a life-long disease, but with a bit of perseverance, we can win the battles, and enjoy our lives. Make the most of the good days, and you'll hardly remember the bad.

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  1. Hello there, gorgeous girl! I am SO excited to meet you at the Blogcademy! :)

    I also just adore your site. It's serious and thought-provoking, but still manages to add a touch of fun [I love those American/British accent stereotypes - so true!!]

    Sounds like you have had an amazingly busy year - congrats on the wedding and your generally fantabulous life!!


    PS. I used to work at a fabulous cocktail bar in Richmond - So Bar - I recommend a visit and a Fran's Honey Trap! [Or, as you so adore coffee... an Espressotini!] :)