22 July 2010

Things that aren't American

I certainly am an American. But I've been living in London for nearly a year, and in this time, I've gained some awareness of some things that are very American about me (e.g. calling people douche bags), and things about British culture that almost the opposite of American culture (socialised medicine).

So how the hell did I end up here? Well, there are two reasons:
  1. I met a British bloke when I was in the US. We had been dating for a bit over a year when he found out he would have to move back to Europe for work (he's a physicist), and I figured, why the hell not? Now we're engaged and thinking about planning a wedding.*
  2. A job opportunity came up that would allow me to leave the US and work in Europe. An opportunity that would have been crazy to pass up.
Most of the inspiration for this blog will come from things I miss about America, but will also include some things I love about Europe. Hopefully you will find it interesting and, I can provide some interesting insight about American (and British) culture.

*I say thinking about planning a wedding only because planning is difficult. Our families are in two different countries, and friends spread over various parts of the world. Not only that, but we're thinking about a California wedding, and neither of us are living there, making it difficult to sort things out. We'll get around to it eventually, right?

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